Welcome to the Home Page for Greyhawk CY576!


Fel monsters, high adventure, endless treasures!

I hope to use this site as a way to enhance our playing experience as we kick off a new campaign.

I will be making updates and entries as we progress, but I hope you, the players, will also take full advantage of using this site to put your character on (please do this so we have information to play in case you cannot make it), create logs of the adventures and more.

Check out the Wiki section for our House Rules, country and city descriptions and more. Check out the maps section for country, city and adventure maps. And the characters section will hold some information on past and present NPC’s that you all will get to know (or have known). We will also use the calendar section to communicate when we can and will be playing, so check that page out too.

My intent is to make this a site that will be used as a tool to build up the World of Greyhawk circa CY 576, the first in-depth fantasy world we all played in where our favorite characters lived, died, gained fortune and fame and built friendships that still last today.

So, make sure you check it for updates and storyline runners to keep things going during our downtimes.