Tarben Taletreader


Name: Tarben Taletreader
Race: Half-elf (elven heritage)
Class: Bard / Druid
Level: 7/7
Alignment: Neutral (Good)
Languages: common, druidic, elf, gnome, halfling, dwarf

Str: 9 (0)
Dex: 18 (3)
Con: 16 (2)
Int: 14 (2)
Wis: 16 (2)
Cha: 18 (3)

Primary – Cha & Wis
Secondary – Dex & Con
Tertiary – Str & Int

AC: 19 (21 with shield)
HP: 63

Primary Weapon: Long composite bow +1 (BTH +10 / DMG 1d8+4)
Secondary Weapon: Elven Longsword +1 (BTH +7 / DMG 1d10+5)

Notable Magic Items: Cuir bouille +2, small wooden shield +1, long composite bow +1, elven longsword +1, bag of holding (type 3)

Racial Abilities
Keen Senses
Enhanced Empathy

Dashing Wit
Hardy Caster


Tarben has a carefree nature and seldom seems like he has a worry in the world. When asked about his past, he will eloquently weave a tale that never is the same. He is a talented performer, adept at song, tales, poetry, and a number of instruments – lute and recorder being among his favorites.

When in any settlement, he is seldom at a loss for his pick of tavern or drinking hall to ply his skills.

Undoubtedly he spent some time with the Fey, but for how long and how he got there only he knows. He is also found of traveling around in the guise of a wolf hound or raven.

Tarben Taletreader

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