Greyhawk CY576

Gruesome Discovery
18th of Planting, 576

As you all stagger back down the long, stone passageway you all are still horrified by the evil that men can commit. Was this done in the name of some evil God? Was it done out of some twisted notion of pleasure? Or both? The tortures that were carried out on Grimnar were probably more than most others could even hope to handle, thank the gods for the dwarf being as tough as nails, but the other dwarves were not so lucky. The only solace is the idea that they are now in a better place and better they are dead then alive while the ghoul was chewing on their flesh.

You continue down the passage carrying the broken body of Grimnar as he passes from consciousness to unconsciousness, knowing that you have little time to get to a much safer place. The healing that Filvan and Garrett were able to preform will keep the old dwarf alive long enough for you to make it to Axegrind, but then what? You all assume that there are more cultists, if that is what they are, hidden in the passageways and rooms of this buried and hidden sanctum, will they pursue you? Part of you hopes they will so you can wipe any semblance of this group from the face of Oerth.

AS you make it back to the large cave room where you had set up your living quarters you quickly pull all of our possessions together and prepare the wagon and hitch the mules to it so Grimnar can have a more comfortable ride to Axegrind. You figure if you push it you can make it there in the next 6 hours or so.

Time to move.

What's Next?
18th of Planting, 576

“So first it’s orcs, then it’s more orcs, then Grimnar and the other 3 dwarves are missing, then some skeletons and now zombies! What is next?”, you ask yourselves.

The Letter
13th of Planting, 576

You stare at the sign of the Green Griffon Inn through the misty, early Summer air and chuckle to yourself as you recall the events that brought you here to the town of Stonesend in the high hills that lay before the ancient peaks of the Lortmils.

Just days ago you were going about your normal job when a dust covered courier approached. You were surprised, to say the least, that the message he delivered was for you. Who in Boccob’s name would need to send you a letter by courier? Everyone you knew was here in town and had no need to pay a courier the hefty sum they charge. The courier hands you the letter, you toss him a silver and he rides off the way he came, kicking up dust in his wake.

You unroll the letter and begin to read the angular script when you realize after two words exactly who this letter is from.

Well lads (he calls everyone lad) I found it! I found the mines of Azaz-Gwarnes! After I retired from service I found myself in Courwood and while having a few drinks at a tavern realized I was talking to the sage in Courwood who is in charge of land transaction records. So after buying him a few more rounds, and getting him good and drunk by the way, I convinced him to show me where he worked. Well, after nearly half a day of sifting through old pages I found a suspicious, old land deed for an unnamed mine about 60 miles Northwest of where the town of Stonesend now stands. I quickly made a note on my map of where the mine should be, packed up my things and headed for where I thought the mine would be. Well lads, once I got to the area it took me a few days but I found the entrance of the mines covered by rubble and years of over-growth. Before I uncovered the entrance I went back into Stonesend, hired a few strong backs to move some rocks, got some other supplies and decided to send my old squad-mates an invitation to join me in the bounty we find buried in these mines.

So, here is what I am asking and inviting you to do. Pack up your things and head to Stonesend as soon as you can, should take each of you no more than a week or so. Meet at the Green Griffon Inn, I will make some arrangements and leave further instructions there with the innkeeper, he is an old friend. Then head to the mines and help me uncover the riches buried there, we will split everything in even shares, so you should walk away rich.

I know you will not let me down, you never have (even you gnome),

Grimnar Stonejaw

PS Keep a bit of restraint in who you talk to so we don’t have to fight off any wrongful claims.

You roll the letter back up and begin to pack your things all the while laughing to yourself, “He did it! The hairy little bastard did it.” You figure a few days to put things in order and get some traveling supplies together and you will be on the road. “Damn”, you think to yourself, “won’t be bad to see the old squad again either, wonder how they have all been?” Guess only time will tell, and not much time at that.

Some Character Information

Start Date: 6th of Planting, 576
Birthplace: Anywhere in the County of Ulek, Duchy of Ulek or Principality of Ulek

Starting Gold & Equipment: Take max. gold for your class at 1st level and add an additional 200gp.
Starting XP: 750 total

All of your character know each other from a short stint in military service for your home country in some skirmishes against the humanoids of the Pomarj. All of this occurred about 9 months ago, and as soon as your service was done you went back to your (somewhat) normal lives. You served for about three months, mostly along the Pomarj/Principality of Ulek border fighting orcs and goblins.


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