Zelda "Nana" Mobb

A Dwarven Matriarch of well earned years, who wishes to see the world.


Race: Dwarven
Class: Ranger 1
Alignment: Neutral Good

STR- 18/30
INT- 15
WIS- 16
DEX- 7
CON- 19
CHR- 9
COM- 13
Armor Class: 3 (Surp./Shieldless-4)
Hit Points: 26

Weapon Proficiencies: Bastard Sword (Specialized), Sling (w/Bullets-32), Darts (12), Club, Knives (large collection-for cooking …. mostly)

Non-Weapon Proficiencies: Alertness (17), Animal Noise (17), Animal Training-Canines (16), Cooking (18), Foraging (17). Nana has 2 extra nature related Prof. from her Ranger class


Zelda hails from a small community amongst the southern foothills of the Lortmills where they meet the Suss forest, along a tributary of the Jewel river.

Zelda Mobb has buried three husbands and raised a small clan of offspring and fosters over the past century or so. Now with her children grown Nana Mobb has decided to see the world. She got her first taste of adventure nine months earlier when her youngest son Burik was recruited to fight against the forces of the Pomarj. Vowing not to bury another son especially the strong but simpleminded Burik, Mrs. Mobb went to War.

Zelda stands quite tall for a Dwarf and is Broad in everyway possible, she evokes either the image of stout grandmother of jovial disposition or a short fiery Valkyrie if angered. Very strong and possessed of a near legendary constitution, she is accident prone and sometimes evocative of a bull in a china shop. Zelda has a ruddy complexion with green eyes and what used to be golden hair, now mostly silver.

Zelda wears studded black Leather armor with an odd assortment of straps, buckles, and snaps which serve as the connection for numerous other odd pieces of armor tacked on. (the net effect is equivalent to splintmail). When faced with a truly dangerous situation Mrs. Mobb dons a helmet that was clearly once a cookpot but has been severely hammered into its new role. Over this all when not actively adventuring she favors colorful solid color cloaks and shawls.

Zelda "Nana" Mobb

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