Felvin "Half Pint" Gimbalbyte

Gnome Magic-User/Cleric


Race: Gnome
Class: Cleric/MU
Level: 5/4
Weapons: Hammer, Sling, Quarter-Staff, Knife
HP: 28
AC: 6
Str: 9
Int: 18
Wis: 19
Dex: 15
Con: 9
Chr: 16
Cms: 15
Saving throws:
Par/pio: 9
Per/pol: 12
RSW: 11
BW: 15
S: 12
Proficiencies: Healing, Fishing, Bartering, Direction Sense
Psionic: 138 pts.
Psionic attack and defense: 138
Attack modes – 4; Defense modes – 4; Disciplines Minor – 3, Major – 2
Magic Items: Ring of Protection +1
Wand of Magic Missile- 93 charges, cast 2 missiles per round, each missile is one charge.


Before the battle I was trained by a wizard who sent me on an meaningless errand. During the errand I heard and saw smoke, and I ran back to the tower. I tried to get into the tower but was not able to, but I saw something through my peripheral vision but was unable to determine what it was. Sad and baffled by not knowing why someone wanted to kill my mentor I set out for adventure. Still confused by the death of my mentor I have devised many conspiracies to why he has been put down.

After recently learning that my master is alive, many questions roam through my head as to what was the dark globe? Why are there newly found alliances between the forces of evil? and after the vanquishing the dragon and winning a battle, where should I go? What is going to happen? Will the darkness come back or will it slumber?

Felvin "Half Pint" Gimbalbyte

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